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I had the worse experience today trying to buy crab from the store on 122nd/Glisan in Portland. The guy in the seafood department was so rude and didnt want to assist me. After I finally got him to help me, I ask for 4 clusters and was met with the question "do I realize that's alot of crab and it will be expensive". My respond " I think I know what I can afford". He then put together the worse set of broken pieces which he wrapped quickly. I... Read more

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I have shopped sixty years at Safeway. We don't go there any more because of poor service. 1 checker at quick line and I have a basket full of stuff. Went to Battle Ground Safeway yesterday to get a sandwich at the deli. Six people ahead of me and one person helping customers. I can go to Winco and they have 10 checkers. You cut on customer service to save money, and drive people away because of it. Not too smart. More store closing to... Read more

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I buy LUCERNE ICECREAM VANILLZA (ICE MILK) on a regular basis - the price has jumped from $3.99 to $6.29 which is totally excessive in price increase the size is 1.89 litres There must be a mistake - how could this ice-cream increase at this jump would the marketing manager view this complaint and check itl I spoke to the manager of Safeway Oakridge name Arima who did not know what to say..... I am writing to you to file a complaint -... Read more

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I shop at safeway every week and I am not happy with the bathroom sinks is always broken with dirty water coming out of the drain. Staff tries to clean the sinks but still not working. Every week they still do not clean it. How am i going to wash my hands with dirty water??? It is disgusting to the customers and kids who uses the bathroom. It is not good for kids to play with the dirty water. They need to call the plumbing to *** the pipes to... Read more

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I always go to the Safeway location on N. E 122nd & glisan in Portland but today the new security guard basically followed me half thru the store and then when I left the store he followed me out and I pulled over to her my son and baby and he was just rude and then started writing down my licence plate, I will not be shopping there no more, they have lost a good customer, if I do shop there again it will be along time before I shop there... Read more

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I used to shop at the Safeway in Frederick,Md a lot then I found out an employee there in the meat area has mrsa and is allowed to cut meat which concerns me a lot especially when I saw a dark haired female in the meat area working with meat without wearing any gloves on her hands and whether she or any other person in the meat area is the person with mrsa and they have any open wound while working with meat then they are contaminating any of... Read more

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  • Aug 12
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The 3's a crowd sings are ***, I'm at the Foothill Safeway in Hayward Ca and I'm stock in line for 25min, it suck. Please corporate stop been cheap and hire more help.

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I just bought $195 worth of groceries and have decided I will never be back. When making small talk with the cashier, he brings up alot of their money walks out the door. I asked him what he is talking about...he says thievery. I tell him if most of their money is going out the door, someone isnt doing their job. He then says if employees point it out they are threatened with losing their jobs. WHY IS ANY OF THIS MY BUSINESS? Completely... Read more

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Safeway at Arlington Road and Bradley Blvd in Chevy Chase Maryland has been keeping bottled water outside in the sun all summer long. The store has been repeatedly contacted and does not care and has not done anything about it. There is not much more to say other than you want me to type 100 words so I will type 100 words of meaningless text so that this post can be posted. How's that? Oh, only up... Read more

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  • Jul 24
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Safeway is so slow and overpriced. Went there to day and wanted to buy one item and sat in line for 40 min. With only one cashier open. I'm never going back again, *** SAFEWAY

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