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  • 1 day ago
  • #943711

Living in Lake Oswego for the past several years Safeway has been the closest store. I am tired of new ppl coming and going.. its old now!! The ppl I have gotten to know are wonderful.. These ppl I think ahould get rated are; Karen 10, Crystal 10, Jane 9, Lindy 10, Baue 10, Scott 10, Nichole 9, Erann 4, Kevin 8..

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Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA I purchased two quarts of milk 6 PM Oct. 18. I used quite a bit of #1, then, late on Oct. 20, I noticed it was beginning to smell. I checked, for the first time, the "sell by this date" notice for these. Both were to have been sold by Sept. 20 !!! WOW ! About 4 weeks late. I also bought, on this same trip, 3 types of vegetables I needed to return because of poor quality, etc. And they were out of avocados,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 20
  • #940082

Im suing safeway because a family member was threaten by a employee at rockrimmon in colorado springs. She said she was named whitney and she also smelled like acohlol my lawyer will be contacting head quarters. My sister is dead cause of the hatassment. Thank u

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I will tell you if you are thinking about applying to Safeway, STOP! The company overworks the employees they have because they would rather physically kill the employees that they already have then god forbid hire more people. Then if for some reason you get hardly any hours they say sorry we aren't making enough at this store we can't spare the hours such B.S. They make their hard working employees feel like *** and that they aren't doing... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 16
  • #937787

If safeway is claiming to their workers that they are losing money and cut the health benefits raise the wages as little as possible then where do they get the money to sponsor golf tournament and ........ This is really upsetting to see .

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I experienced a un professional employee today at the check out counter Tana at store @1566. The nice gentleman behind me had two items, because the store did not have 15 or less check out counter open.Tana asked me if she could take him first ,after waiting in line myself much longer than he. I am sorry I did not see what all the man had, and said "sure". However when I hesitated, she said" never mind," with an eye roll of disgust. This is not... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 11
  • #935019

The Ukiah california store is down to one or two carts...They used to have a bunch..Im a 69 year old Vietnam vet and if something isn't done i will be contacting the California Atty. General...Ken Ramsey..707-489-8487

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Very Very poor service, no respect for their customers time !! I have shopped at Safeway for many years, just started using their Pharmacy the last 6 months. No More !! Average wait time (after called in) just to pick up Meds, is 25 to 45 minutes, My last ordeal was it, called in Tuesday morning, stopped by the same day after work, 45 minutes in line, not ready, Wednesday, got a text saying ready, stopped by after work, 25 minutes later, 1... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 25
  • #925419

Worker named Alex at Safeway Los Gatos and he refused to open the door then he opened the door for these two girls. As he was walking away he mumbled that my kid was fat

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About three weeks ago I went into the Pharmacy at Safeway, I tried to fill a very small 3 tablet prescription of pain killers for my father. I have filled these many times in the past with no problems, he has slipped discs in his back, he is in a lot of pain and I help him getting the medication, never has been a problem. This time he happens to use them up faster than he should have, I believe by about 4 days. After he spoke with his doctor,... Read more

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