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I was shopping in the Shadle Safeway store 1494 around 8:30 PM with my husband and my son, we were just grabbing a few sandwiches and wanted to get some olives. My husband, son and I were followed everywhere by an African American young man who I thought may be high on drugs.

It made me feel like he was undressing me with his eyes, wouldn't stop staring at my butt as he followed us around the store. I could not determine if he was an employee or someone on drugs just following us around. However, it made me feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable enough that I told my husband we needed to leave, that we should probably shop at Rosaurs from now on because I felt so uncomfortable. As we proceeded to self check out, the gal that was monitoring self check out with the Stark black hair was just glaring at me like she wanted to hurt me.

Profiling people is wrong, especially when their sandals cost more than both of their outfits put together. I had a dress on with no pockets I clearly didn't appear to be somebody that looked like they would steal anything, and staring at my butt was unbelievably uncomfortable. I no longer want to shop at this store And I have been shopping here for years not only that I've also been an employee for over 15 years of Safeway, so I'm absolutely appalled how I was treated in store 1494 on Tuesday evening.

This is supposed to be one of the few stores left with some class... What happened??

User's recommendation: Don't shop at this store in the evening.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Safeway Pros: Location.

Safeway Cons: Service is awful.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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Your comment about how much their sandals cost is childish. Besides, you are profiling them on the cost of their outfits hypocrite. Also genius, only YOU can mark your review as resolved.

@Huey Cey

They weren't wearing sandals. I was.

I was giving an example of profiling not actually doing it myself. Also I did not mark my review as resolved wich is why the response said that.

There is no reason to respond with more hate, Im positive the world has enough of that as it is. Please focus on your personal problems before you decide to waste your time on somebody else's concern..hope your day is as good as you deserve :)


On my review it has been marked that it was resolved. It was not resolved I was not contacted from anybody and nobody cared at all that I had a horrible experience didn't even get an apology. 25 0 7

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