Colfax and Garrison sold us bad meat for the third time.Expiration date was expired on pork chops but safeway willingly sold it again.Loosing trust in rotation of meats.Finished shopping at safeway.Will start shopping at kingsoopers and will encourage others at my apt. that I manage to do the same.The meat department is to blame for this.I have a tenant here that had bad experience with the steak.There were worms in it about a month ago(Dec.2009)our problem was today around 3:00(Jan.28,2010)You were so convient for us but can't take a chance getting sick.I'm a Apt.

Manager at Dudley St.Apts.

and also have our own business cleaning restaurant ceilings.No time to be laid up with food poison.

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I worked for Safeway for 2 weeks of ***...they were constantly relabeling expired food for resale!!!


Do you realize that you can be sued for your pathetic and extremely FALSE comments! ALL meat departments are federally regulated and it is impossible for worms to grow in meat unless stored at an improper temperature literally decaying!

Sounds like it was improperly stored by your tenant cause worms in meat from safeway would've been on the news if it were safeways fault. WHO in their right mind knowingly purchases expired meat anyway?

That makes your statements even more unbelievable to me. You sound like a cheap piece of work trying to get something for nothing.

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