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We bought some filet minon last week at the Vernon Sq Safeway on the Jefferson Davis Highway. When we got home what looked like two good pieces of filet turned out to be 4 strips of fatty end meat tied together with string!

The fat and bad parts were tied inside so it appeared to be a whole piece of good filet.

Since it was too late in the day to return it, we cut off the bad parts and tried to cook the rest. We ended up getting slightly sick from the meat. Now I would never had paid filet prices for scrap meat.

I believe we were scammed and would like to get my $15 back.

This same safeway has overcharged us for meat and shrimp that were marked with sale prices. They seem to have some problems with honesty in their meat department.

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We have the same problems with the safeway here in Centralia. We have nicknamed it Second hand Safeway, because of the low quality of meats, dairy, and vegetables sold.

Our problem is, it's the only store in town now, have to drive 15 miles to get to another store. Bought two for one chickens last Friday, cooked one Saturday and I was sick all night long. And at Thanksgiving they had let the Turkeys defrost and then froze them again.

The dairy department never gets cleaned. I'm going to start to drive the extra miles to a better store, don't really have the money too, but I can't afford to keep throwing stuff away.


1) Sally must be an ***.

2) I have a couple friends who work for safeway that admit that certain stores get the choice meat, produce, dairy, etc. They actually have a system grading the shipment qualities.

2) Sally, is it that time of the month?


Every time I go to register for Texas Hold'em itgives me the #s 1049 what kind of *** are you pushing here you get me to your store then you ask me to play on line ,than wham you kick me in the ***. If this keeps on happening by word of mouth you could loose some customers,but I guess some does not madder to CONSALADATED so it would be better to withdraw my stocks.


Wish they were consistent about meat quality. I have had some good meat at Safeway, but was shocked that they would resort to such a cheap tactic to sell meat.

I guess you have to be suspicious of all grocery stores.

I wish Virginia had AJ's, Bashas, or more Kroger stores. Why do we have such poor grocery choices in Alexandria?


Different Safeway location than the eggs.

Guess "Sally" must be an ***.

Takes one to know one.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #106066

You really hate that Safeway, don't you? SHOP SOMEHWERE ELSE THEN, ***!

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