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I go to Safeway tonight and once I use my debit card their computer freezes, the supervisor comes over and tells the cashier to go help other customers and then she disappears for 10 minutes or so, never once saying anything to us. So when she finally comes back she says the charge didn't go through and everything needs to be rung up again.

I know how things work, I knew my card went through so I told her I didn't believe she needed to charge me again and she started to anyways, wouldn't let us leave without paying another $107 for the same *** groceries. Again never apologizing or saying anything, no guarantee of anything except forcing us to pay again. I told her I believe she charged me twice and just gave me the name of their bookkeeper. Sure enough I get home and check my bank account, charged twice the same *** amount.

So I called Safeway and when I get someone the guys says "oh yeah after you left she figured out it charged you twice, you can come back in before 8 and get a refund if yo bring the same card." And yes it was about 7:15 at this point so they knew I was coming back soon and once I get there the supervisor "conveniently" took her lunch and left me to some poor guy who didn't know what to do but apologize that they couldn't give me a refund after all. He said it's "supposed" to be done automatically but that there was nothing that could be done right then. I demanded my money or some sort of guarantee, $107 is a lot of money to me and after all that horse *** they put me through couldn't give me anything. I asked to speak with a manager or to call someone but he said he didn't know who to call and that there was nobody else there.

Well too bad because now I'm never shopping there again and I'm going to make sure people know your customer service blows. Thanks a lot dicks.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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The same happened to me computer freezes groceries were rung in again when i get home there are 2 authorizations on my credit card from safeway waiting for this to be resolved


same problem and the cashier saw my iPhone which has the card linked to it so it shows instantly any charges that come through and when I showed him the proof that I was already charged - he said well I cant let you walk out of here with the groceries... he finally just said we can run it again and then you can come back tomorrow to get a refund for the double charge.

so I said okay and ran the card the second time and then made him write on the receipt his name and instead he wrote his name and "charged customer twice" - which is my golden proof to their cash register failing during the checkout process. I think it had something to do with the reusable $0.99 bags they charge which he scanned after the fact I had already swiped my card. that is probably what screwed up his register and froze the machine. But anyways there is no point to go back after reading what happened to you c.k - plus its a total waste of time and energy and unnecessary stress to go back and deal with managers.

I instead called my AMEX and they ended up finding that there were 3 charges!!!!! at that point the CSR from AMEX said he would give me a $20 courtesy credit since the charge at safeway was just less than $20 anyways. But he said to wait 48 hours for the charge to finally post and see if there really is a double charge or three charges or just one charge since all three were in pending mode. What I am planning to do if there is in fact a double charge or three charges is just turn this over to some slum local attorney and make a deal with him to cut half the proceeds from a law suit.

I have no plans to go back there and dispute it because they will just end up wasting my time.

Can you join me in the law suit lol .... since it would be against the corporation and not the local store ?


Sooooo…..after writing my previous comment i went down to safeway because no one answered the phone there so yea i had to go down there. I went into the store sought out the same cashier that charged me twice in the first place and told her that my card had been charged twice that same day at the same time and at the same place aka safeway and she snottily replies NO!

not possible! I know i voided it and I've done it before for other people so your wrong! I said well sorry miss but things happen and somehow it was still charged to my card even though you claim to have "voided" it, then i say well I'm sorry but i don't want to lose 80 dollars! as she replies well your going to get me in trouble anyways so you might as well tell the manager!

I couldn't believe the manner in which i was treated! I was outraged on the inside. So eventually one of the 3 managers comes over to me and ask me what the problem was and i told her as the bratty cashier butts in and saying that he's wrong and its not possible! she knows what she is doing!

so he had me write down the amount and the date so i write down the 2 amounts because the first time she scanned it with the whey it was different and the second time with out it was a different price but only by like 45 cents or something. So here I am waiting outside the main managers office for 45 minutes keep in mind the head manager never comes out to consult me and say sorry for anything! thats just bad customer service in general…Anyways eventually one of the employees comes out and ask me for my first and last name and the last 4 digits of my card so i give it to her and then she blantintly rolls her eyes at me! I said excuse me!

but please done roll your eyes at me I am the customer mam! as all the other customers were just looking at me like wow thats ridiculous! so eventually she comes out again and says sorry we did charge you twice but they blamed it on the "new system" lol please…..what a bs excuse! Keep in mind i didn't get one apology or any kind of gift card for my inconvenience and for the employees treating me like ***!

and she says yea your money will be back on your card in 6 to 7 days, Gee thanks SAFEWAY! so yea that little prissy cashier at safeway needs to learn some kind of manors and so do the managers! this was at the tucson az safeway which in general tucson customer service is full of complete and total idiots that will make you want to pull your hair out and they act like there doing you a huge favor for them doing there jobs! its freaking ridic!

I'm from newyork and have never been treated with such terrible disrespect at and type of store! clean up your act safeway and also tucson! but seriously corporate safeway should have an undercover boss come in and do a investigation so they can see for themselves. I'm going to call corporate right now!

so if this ever happened to you don't expect any kind of apology or politeness from them at safeway. STAY AWAY FROM SAFEWAY AT ALL COST!


They did the same exact *** to me for the most part but mine was on a snap card. So the clerk scans everything and it came to like 80 dollars and a 40 dollar difference for the whey, so i said well i don't want to pay cash for that whey i just wanted to see if it could be bought with the snap card and keep in mind i did ask her first before having her ring it all up so like an *** she decided to scan it all in the middle of the rest of the groceries instead of just scanning that first alone and then trying to charge me.

So she had to void the whole transaction and rescan everything again minus the whey and also i had to wait for 3 other ppl to be rang up first before rescanning everything .I thought there was no problem i left and a week later i go to frys and get about 20 dollars worth of stuff and it said i only had 93 cents on my card and then i realized that dumb bimbo charged me twice!!!!!! and I don't knw what to do now?!

we shouldn't have to pay for an employees fault not knowing what she was doing!



Safeway deliberately does things like that. Just shopped there tonight.

In checkout line 1/2 hour because dipshit cashier didn't know how to solve a problem with customer in front of me. Just stared at her reciept endlessly. Finally "manager" woke up from hiding and took care of it. Now dipshit starts checking me out.

Overcharged on 10 items. I figured dipshit cashier would be helpless, so I grabbed the "manager" before he went back into hiding. Turns out dipshit didn't enter my Safeway card. They gave me back the $27 overcharge.

But it cost me an hour.

Most people don't even realize when Safeway *** them with overcharges. You can imagine the money they steal from unwary customers.


Yeah I am poor...

yap yap yap yap yap I'm poor yap yap yap yap yap. :(

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