Item purchased at Highland Hill Safeway had $ 1.00 discount on whipping cream. Female cashier was so busy talked with fellow cashier on next isle that she overlooked the discount.

What am I to do? Do I have to tell the cashier about the discount or is her job to see the discounted embelm on the product purchased? Is she a new employee? I have never seen her before.

They should not rotate their employees.

That way the customer acquires a better feeling for the store. Also this store does not have all the chooses of many products as it should.

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what the heck!! ok well first of all YES you should have pointed out the discount it is not just the Checkers response ability to search for them if you do not point out that you a a few mark downs you CAN NOT expect them to find every single one.

not to mention that some are hidden from are view so it always helps to point them out.

And if they happen to miss a few no problem the customer service will be glad to fix the issue for yu and refund yu the correct amount so that you do not over pay for it! :)
id bet it has happened at every safeway in the US... but don't :cry about it

All I can do is LOL at this. Everyone encounters this situation on occasion unless they totally avoid the retail world (and that's everything retail).

Of course you would point out that the discount didn't register. It's just as much the customer's responsibility to see that the sale is correct as it is the retailer.


The same thing happened to me at the Mt Vernon Safeway in Alexandria


Ditto for Safeway Store, Rose Hill, Alexandria, VA.

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