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To try and save a bit more money, I have loaded several digital coupons to my Safeway club card, only to have them NOT be redeemed at the checkout.They keep trying to push the blame off on me - it wasn't my "home" store (shouldn't matter), I was out of my local area (I wasn't), I didn't buy the correct items (total BS).

I worked for a major supermarket chain for 21 years and I know to be VERY careful about reading the fine print for promotions, coupons, etc.

Trust me, I did all that, and even RECHECKED the digital coupons to make sure I was in the right and not losing my mind (31+ years in retail will do that to ya!) Sounds like it's time to approach my state's attorney general about this scam.I wonder how many people NEVER notice that this is happening to them.

Monetary Loss: $1.


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Corvallis, Oregon, United States #609000

I have added their coupons on my card days ahead of shopping and am so honest i guess that when i catch it not showing up on my total i make them fix it.The worst is when i don't catch it until i walk all the way home and then have to go back to fight it out for the 2-13 dollars mistakes.

I believe it is mostly a scam.

if they rob even every other customer of a dollar or 12 thats more money for their cayman island bank accounts.So i wish you the best of luck in getting someone to hold them accountable.

Portland, Oregon, United States #602234

As a former employee, I was with Safeway when the new system was started.I was not a big fan of it due to the fact it could take up to 1 hour or more for the coupon to work on the card.

Which totally sucked for people that we had to sign up in the store, since I bet they wanted to use it then.I don't blame you for wanting to go to the State AG to complain since the wording on some coupons don't work.

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