I am filing a complaint on behalf of my students, myself and the female employee who got bullied and discriminated. I do not condone what I had experienced at the Bay St.

store #1206 in SF and I'm compelled to share with you my experience. A week or more ago, one of your employee, Daniel, was yelling at another female Asian staff, in front of customers and other employees, because she had a little accent, and Daniel said that she should annunciate her words and to learn to speak English. He was NOT professional and was acting in a very condescending, abusive and racist manner. I felt embarrassed and humiliated for the female staff.

If I do not speak up, I would approve such behavior. I DO NOT. It was not pleasant hearing it.

I have worked over 20 years with the SF Unified School District and presently working with young adults with special needs. We teach them life skills, social skills, how to shop, how to cook, etc.

and are daily customers at Safeway. From time to time, the students buy the wrong product. We teach them to go and exchange things. i.e.

from a zucchini to cucumber, etc. We are located across the street from Safeway. One day, this same employee, Daniel, refused to exchange a small item without a receipt. He said, "We NEVER make exchanges." Strange, I said Robert, who used to work in Customer Service would allow it.

Other stores allow it without making someone feel inadequate too. Daniel said, "Well, that's why Robert is no longer here, when he got FIRED!" I was shocked by his remark. Robert was one of the nicest man at Safeway. He knew the kids at our center.

Laura is another employee who knows our students by name and one of the wheel bound students would always ask to go to Safeway to greet her. John, another employee is also very friendly. I did not like Daniel's tone and asked to see the manager. He said, "I am the manager!"

I do not believe that Safeway would hire someone to treat anyone so disrespectfully and to discriminate the misfortunate, the minorities, and females.

His manners show that he is a bully and mean. In fact our students say he is Mr. Meany and have chosen to go across the street to shop at Traders Joe, whose staff members are happy, easy going and friendly. Daniel SHOULD NOT be working at Safeway.

He should be re-train and be more sensitive to people of ALL race. I doubt that would happen. He has his own opinion but it should not interfere with his job.

He should NOT represent Safeway. Thank you for your time.

Location: 350 Bay St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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