i was shopping in the bakery when a woman named candace holloway came up and asked if i needed help we started talking about the product i was looing for and she asked me if i new where to find marijuana , i was astonished and in disbeleife the manager refused to fowwlow up with a drug test i am dissapionted that we allow drug addicts to work freely while handleing our products. all employies should have some ind of drug screening.Also when i told her that i was going to report her she threatened me , i can not beleive we allow this in our society i can not feel safe buying a rotisery chicken this is an outrage.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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But, I hadn't laughed so hard in a while. ***, I'd probably lmao at her

Tampa, Florida, United States #737817

Haha I know that Candice and she is a *** so fire her *** !!!!!!!

Naples, Florida, United States #604658

What?? LOL.

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