I purchased a bottle pf all laundry soap. I mistakenly.

picked up unscented. I returned to the dtor with receipt and pick up right one however durring the transaction she told me due to it no longer being on sale and i would have to pay the difference. even though it was same price for scented on non scented. So I just had her refund the sale price and lost my bonus just for u coupon.

Normally a person would think a straight across tradw would happen.

I am a elite costumer that is disable and like to shop Safeway, But if i am paying for someone to drive me i could chose elsewhere.

Bottom line went home annoyed without laundry soap. Not used to being treated in this manner by Safeway sine I have shop there for over forty years If you would like to respond my email is sueneale@comcast,net Thank you Sue

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