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Recently I had occasion to visit the GoodRx website. I had to fill two prescriptions.

Safeway in Jackson, Ca. had the lowest price with the coupons Good Rx provides. Before I decided to go to Safeway with my two coupons, I called the Safeway Pharmacy in an effort to determine if they in fact honor the prices as set forth on the GoodRx website. Safeway told me they did honor GoodRX coupons, but, "they would have to see the coupons.

I decided to go to Safeway Pharmacy to have my two prescriptions filled in the sincerest hopes they would in fact honor what is on the GoodRx website under "Safeway." As such, I had my doctor fax the two prescriptions to Safeway. I received two pre-recorded messages that my prescriptions were, "ready for pick up" from Safeway. So, I went to Safeway to pick up my prescriptions, GoodRx coupons in hand. I approached the counter and presented the two GoodRx coupons.

One stated the price for the given drug, it's quantity and dose was $11.91. The other stated the price for the given drug, it's quantity and dose was $17.27. The woman took my coupons and told me to, "wait over there." "Over there" was adjacent to a stack of toilet paper. I waited 15 minutes while other customers came and went.

Finally, the woman called me over and rang up my two prescriptions. I asked her why I had to wait 15 minutes, when I had received two pre-recorded messages that my prescriptions were ready for pick up. She responded, "we had to process your coupons to check on GoodRx's cost versus our cost." One was $17.27 as advertised and the other was $23.06 when she rang them up. I told the woman that the coupon I had from Good Rx stated right on the coupon that the cost for my prescription was $11.91, not $23.06.

The woman went and summoned a young blonde female. ( The other prescription was as advertised, $17.27) The young blonde female came at me like a pitbull that has been kept on a chain and fed table scraps. I repeatedly told this youngster that I did not make the coupon and that it clearly states the price for my prescription is listed on the coupon as $11.91, not $23.06. The youngster switched gears and told me the coupon I had was an "estimate" of the cost for the prescription.

Is that right? ( So, if one gets an "estimate" to fix their car for $1500.00 and returns to pick their car up and is charged $3000.00, it was just an "estimate" and therefore justified.) I told her if her "theory" was in fact true, why was my other prescription the price advertised on Good Rx? She responded, "because one is a narcotic and narcotic prices are estimates." Well, both prescriptions were narcotics, so that "theory" held little validity to it. ( One was a benzodiazepeam, the other an opiate) The opiate was the price as listed, the Benzo "estimate" was twice the price of that advertised under "Safeway" on the GoodRx website.) The little girl was full of it!

Since I am reimbursed for my prescription costs, I purchased the two prescriptions. I returned home and called the Manager of Safeway, "Wally Huitt" and told him of my "experience." "Wally" responded to me that he had, "only been at this Safeway for 2 months time and this was an ongoing problem." "Wally" also told me he was going to contact "corporate" about my complaint and would get back to me the following day. "Wally" never called me back, so I called "Wally" back. I was told that "Wally" was on his day off.

(Thursday). I left a message with the Assistant Manager to have "Wally" call me. "Wally" NEVER called me back. I contacted GoodRx and was told the various companies that are on their website are "contractually obligated to honor the prices listed on the Good Rx website." Good Rx also told me that sometimes there is a problem and I should have had Safeway call them right from the store.

A follow up e-mail from Good Rx stated that I had told GoodRx I received a different quantity of the disputed drug and therefore the price I was charged was fairly accurate. I wrote GoodRX back and advised them of the quantity and dosage and the fact the coupon stated the cost was $11.91, not $23.06. ( Yes, GoodRx tried to confuse the real issue by telling me I told them I had purchased a different quantity and dosage of the drug in question.) I wrote GoodRx back and told them (again) the quantity and dosage of the drug that was twice the price listed and low and behold I never heard back from them. The common thread involved on both sides of the aisle here is: Dishonesty and a complete lack of integrity.

Moral of the story: If you locate a pharmacy that actually charges you what the GoodRx website states they will, stay with that pharmacy. As for Safeway, their cowardly manager and immature employee I can only hope they need prescription drugs in the future and experience exactly what I did. I suspect that will happen sooner, rather than later, as "Wally" is a manager for Safeway and the poor guy has split days off. When it happens to them I am sure they will feel like they got ripped off.

ENJOY THE FEELING, YOU HAVE EARNED IT! AND THE FEDS WONDER WHY AMERICA HAS A DRUG PROBLEM. Allow me to enlighten all you folks who have declared war after war on drugs in America. Buying drugs on a street corner is far cheaper than dealing with people that I just described.

It is approaching the point where criminals have more integrity than the aforementioned working class stiffs, who cannot seem to go very long without telling one lie after another. The bottom line and common thread is: GREED!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: I could care les about the money involved here. I do not appreciate being lied to repeatedly. The solution lies in the fact that someday these same individuals will need a prescription drug.

I didn't like: Being lied to repeatedly.

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