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For health reasons, not everyone can wear a mask. I am requesting mask free hours, like you have golden senior hours. This way, those of us who can't wear a mask, can shop without the discrimination of those who can.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Safeway Pros: Overall good store.

Location: 2190 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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Wearing a mask didn't save Michael Jackson.


Stay in the parking lot Karen.


I agree. Go here and email this letter directly to each company.

Easy to cut and paste. Takes a little time but we need to get the word out that this is a violation to our civil liberties and is discriminatory https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/shop-mask-free-letter




Go to my friends site, that got the mask mandate lifted for all of Orabfe County! The Healthy American (dot) org.

She gives all the info you need.

Masks are bs. They HARM us WAY more than they hurt us.


Anyone who claims to not be healthy enough to be able to wear a simple little mask, for only a few mins, is NOT the person who should be elected to do the family shopping. Masks protect the employees from people not-yet-diagnosed with Covid-19 from spreading it all over everything in the store. It's ridiculous to even ask them to risk their employees lives, like that.


Ok and the night crew that sweats and gasping for oxygen to breath correctly they have to wear the mask all shift. I don't see professional sports players wearing mask when they are running around at their job, THEY could be responsible for covid being spread. WTF

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