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On December 5, 2017 @ approximately 6:30 pm I was shopping at Safeway at 1100 4th Street Southwest Washington DC 20024 I first walked in and went straight to the return items desk to return a gift I had purchased for my mother in law with cash and I had lost the receipt and I asked can I exchange it for something else or get a gift card the lady behind the desk had previously done this favor for one of my friends and she didn't have a receipt so I did not understand why she would not do it for me I got mad and as I turned around she said (these broke *** always coming in here wanting something) I said excuse me and she said if you don't get out my line I'm going to call security.She is African American short hair and she was the manager that night.

I did not want any trouble so I walked away angry because of the way I was treated and I watched her and her fellow co-worker follow me through out store so I started putting items in my bag I understand what I did was wrong but I was getting harrassed so I wanted to give them what they wanted a minute later this tall African American man pull my arm and tried to grab my bag and said my lovely co-worker said you have been stealing and we're going to make sure you go to jail. I went to school for criminal Justice I wasn't going to steal anything I have no record I never been to jail I just wanted them to leave me alone. As soon as he said your going to jail and I'm going to search your bag I asked him does he have a warrant to search me and to touch me if not we need to wait till the police gets here. Suddenly he started cursing at me calling me a white *** and how he is going to have his way with me and the girl with short hair said she is just a homeless peace of *** and he treated to drag me by my hair in front of everyone if I didn't go into the office I have anxiety and PTSD problems so I agreed to go into the office and he grabbed my purse from me and dropped everything that was in my purse and told the girl with the short hair to take the stuff out to the cashier and add it up.

Once she was gone he told me to take off my jacket my sweater and I was crying and he didn't care than he told me to get up I was sitting on some boxes and turn around and he went to go put the hand cuffs on me and he put his hand down my pants up my private parts and I couldn't stop crying and telling him please stop I take seizures medications and than a couple minutes later the girl came back and told him the total or the sum of the items than the police showed up and they asked me if I was okay I was too embarrassed to say anything I was traumatized I went to see my psychiatrist and my doctor this morning and God knows I was wrong for putting the items in my bag but I got called names, threaten, sexually abused and I have issues but I am a women and for Safeway to get away with this incident is beyond the unseen I did get my punishment and I agreed 100 percent with my punishment and I accept what I did was wrong and no I'm not doing or wrong this to get people in trouble I'm doing this for what is wright I and no other women deserves to be sexually abused, called white ***, called homeless *** just called out there name because they are not African Americans just to be taken for granted and treated like an animal because I'm not rich or I'm not black and to have a man stick his hand up my pants I can't sleep at night, I'm dealing with therapy, the way that women at Safeway treated me because I'm not black or because she just doesn't like me for her own reasons I wish what happened to me never happenes to Anybody else and there is going to be futher action taken against Safeway.Thank You

Review about: Safeway Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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