On dozens of occasions, I try to swing by the local Safeway (the nearest grocery store to my house) for a few items. Without fail, I'm met with unacceptably long checkout lines.

I have never encountered such long wait times. There will maybe be 3 clerks working - one in customer service, one in express, and one in the regular checkout. This includes during the dinner rush and weekend rushes. I find this lack attention to customer service appalling.

A quick errand to buy 2 items should NOT take 25 minutes in the store, particularly when I know exactly where to find my items.

I'm betting Safeway is trying to save money by cutting back on stocking clerks, checkout clerks, and anyone who might be of the slightest assistance to customers. Sorry, but I won't be back.

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San Jose, California, United States #785247

I love how one guy's blaming unions for this (which is ***, because even with unions most employees still make minimum wage; safeway's union is there in name only), until someone brings up Wal Mart's long lines, and Wal Mart doesn't have unions. So then someone else goes and blames the president.

You're looking in all the wrong places.

The reason there's never any help is because the store manager gets a bonus for keeping labor costs low. It doesn't matter how much money the store's bringing in; his boss up at corporate wants the store to use a certain amount of hours per week, and if he goes below that amount then he gets a monetary pat on the back for it. That's all there is -- financial incentive. It's your glorious capitalist system at work.

Also, to whoever wrote this review: write a better one, and send it to Safeway's corporate office. Don't just dump it here, on some unknown website, and expect anything to happen. I promise you, employees hate the lines too. You think we like dealing with that ***?

But they won't listen to us because Safeway is a *** place to work for. They'll listen to a customer, though.

So mail a letter to corporate demanding more employees. Until then, enjoy your long lines.

to Anonymous #1112369

Please provide the exact line which mentions unions...

Maybe you are just a little too sensitive and need to go flip burgers instead...


You can blame the unions for this. High wages mean less employees so they can make a profit.

Ronald, Washington, United States #750376

", I'm met with unacceptably long checkout lines."

Wait a minute in the title you said that no checkouts are open now you are claiming the lines are long. NO one is going to believe your story if you counterdict yourself.

American Canyon, California, United States #750371

sanme here at the American Canyon store and on top of that selling food that is expired or ready to be!


This is the same problem I have at my Safeway. They have about 10 registers but only 3-4 are open. Before I moved to the east side of my city from the west side, I usually went to the self-checkout...but this Safeway on the east side has no self-checkout....but it is also not as big....


Been to Walmart Lately....same same......These places cant find help/employees who are willing to slave away at the part time pay rates and no benefits......thanks to the Pres....its gonna get worse before it gets better.

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