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My Daughter called the other day about the FACT she can "NO LONGER" conduct FOOD Collections for the Food Bank at Safeway!

She verified this NEW Policy with Corporate!

Now today I went to use my $.10 Gallon Discount,for my Diesel Truck, earned last week. Last month we claimed $.70.

Was I surprised when the Price per Gallon didn't change! THEY have added a $.10 Gallon surcharge if you use a Credit Card!

The Attendant admitted that he had several just turn off Pump and Leave, as I did!

I can buy Gas at Costco's Everyday price which is usually $.03 per Gallon cheaper and the Groceries at Walmart are cheaper and you don't have to jump through a bunch of HOOPS!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Holy c.r.a.p. NO ONE CARES. take your garbage elsewhere

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