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Up until two months ago, I received a Safeway advertising flyer in the local advertising paper. I called the paper to complain.

The receptionist at THE ADVERTISER said that Safeway would not permit them to put the flyer in ther advertising paper because we lived far enough away (25 miles) that we should have our own store. Pavillion, Wyoming has a population of 126. Only those who live in Riverton get the Safeway sales flyer. Please restore the flyer to THE ADVERTISER.

I make the trip to Riverton once a week to shop for groceries and other essentials.

Smith's Grocery Store has a flyer in THE ADVERTISER every week. I may have to switch and shop there instead of Safeway.

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You know the same internet which you use for *** can be used for research as well? Here is an example, www.google.com and type in Safeway ad.

*** happens why would you *** about something so minor? Get a hobby you crabby ***.

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