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Handing out rain checks on an advertise products for 3 days seems ludicrous

We wanted the bird for xmas not for next year.Someone should get these meat employees some training in knowing there customer base,so customers are kept and not lost to more astute competitors.We are two pensioners that require a smaller turkey,and because of the short comings of this stores meat department will have to settle on a ham or beef roast that certainly will not be purchased from that store.However my wife is awfully disappointed we always have had a turkey for xmas.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Apparently you think that the meat department employees have control of the advertising and warehouse shortage. People like you are a big part of why this world is so angry all the time.

Step back and take a bigger look at this picture! The meat department employees have nothing to do with why the warehouse didn't have any turkeys!!

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