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Rich people who refuse to sign up for and swipe a Safeway card to get the discounts are very selfish and inconsiderate. Often, they are buying many of the same items anyway that require the Safeway card to get the discount.

They end up leaving the store with all of their groceries having paid $20 to $30 more than they would have if they would have swiped the card. That is money that could have been giving to the charity organization that is outside of the door asking for money. It could have been given to a Homeless Person holding up a panhandling sign. the money could have been given to a animal shelter to help pay for cat and dog food for the animals staying there.

The money could have been given to a church or to a poor single mother struggling to feed their children. But, No, This Proud Rich Person Would Rather Give The Money to Safeway. And that is exactly what they are doing when they refuse to use a Safeway card to get the discounts. It's like giving away money that they would have in their pockets.

For heavens sake, the money that they saved could have been given to Sally Struther's "Save The Children" fund. It could have been seen to starving people in Africa for food relief. it could have been donated to a schoolteacher so that she could use it to buy supplies for poor children who couldn't afford it.

Or it could simply have been given to bedraggled impoverished person who was walking into the store as they were leaving. They could have said, "Excuse Me Sir/Ma'am, But Could You Use This $30 That I Just Saved By Swiping My Safeway Card?" Why give the money to Safeway?

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They are paranoid that somebody may use the information on what groceries they purchase to harm them in some way. Me, personally, I could care less if they keep a record of what I buy, and if they get some kind of a thrill reading through all of my purchase history then I am happy for them.


It's just like on the show "Diff'rent Strokes" Willis had just gotten his driver's license and he was begging his Dad to buy him a brand new Mercedes Benz and his dad, Millionaier Phillip Drummond, told Willis that he didn't want to spoil him and that He could only get a $4,000 car. Now this was in the 70's so that would be llike saying that he could get a car for $20,000 in today's money adjusted for inflation, but you get the idea.

He wanted to teach Willis the value of a dollar. Well, these people at Safeway that refuse to use a Safeway card, are foolishly spending their dollars and they should be more prudent and be a good steward of the money that they were blessed with.

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