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My fiance and I were just having a Safeway rotisserie chicken for dinner and when I began to eat the breast portion I noticed a very thick short but pretty long black hair with a huge root. I almost threw up.

Disgusting. I could almost certainly discern this was not a hair off a head. Should have known better. Plus the chicken just sucked.

This was the Brunswick Grass Valley CA location. Not that it matters where you are, all Safeway locations must be equally sh*tty. At least I know I will NEVER patronize this f*cking place EVER again.

I usually shop at SaveMart, much more friendly, clean, fresh and just better. I think the picture is going to be tiny but if you look closely, you may see the pube.

Reason of review: the classic "there is a hair in my food" thing. yeah it is rough. And the seasoning they used on the rotisserie chicken is beyond nauseating.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Pubic hair on my rotisserie chicken.

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I take it you have a lot of experience examining pubes close up? Maybe your boyfriend should look into this!? Stop giving random men head and get a life ***.


Hi Ingrid - Thank you for shopping at Safeway. We hope you loved our new recipie for rotisserie chicken!

Can't afford a turkey?

Buy our new cheap rotisserie chicken! Once again, thank you for choosing Safeway, please come again soon, along with your request for directions to SaveMart.

to Safeway Grass Valley, California, United States #1069078

Are you serious? Did you read the complaint?

I'm guessing this was some sort of auto-generated reply. Go screw yourself, Safeway, go screw yourself.


That doesn't even look like a chicken !!! EwwwwWrXhZi

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