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I have came to shop in the store for years and lately for the past few months when I come to buy items at the end of the night I have been racially profiled and harassed as I exit the store located in Renton Washington on rainier Ave St which I shop at 10 or more times per month the store have been having stocker workers and security in the door along the edge like with me when I walk out I dont need anyone to racial profile me harass me on my way out this is a public store if you pay security make sure they watch the cameras and do there job to the people that maybe stealing not me Im a paying customer and will sue for discrimination racial profiling and harassment I have asked the store manager and employees to hire people that know the area maybe difficult to handle considering the homeless and drugs in the area spend money to help them not make my experience horrible!!

User's recommendation: Hire people that can deal with diverse situations help build a homeless shelter feed them with your food you throw away don’t harass me Periodt.

Preferred solution: Stated above.

Safeway Pros: Good store to shop at.

Safeway Cons: Will get racially profiled and harassed at the end of the night.

Location: Renton, Washington

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