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Tonight I shopped at the Berryessa Rd, San Jose location. It has been a few weeks since I shopped at Safeway; never had I been to this location.

Upon entering, I was surprised to find no sanitized carts. Target, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and Costco all had sanitized carts during recent visits. They all also had guards to ensure people were wearing masks and keeping distance; there was no one at either entrance at this store.

When it came time for checking out, the one line open was long and customers were not keeping a distance. So instead I chose the self-checkout lane, which was also open.

No one was monitoring the lanes. But when I saw a register open up, I walked up to it. Again, unlike other stores, it was not sanitized between customers.

Among other groceries, I scanned a package of Safeway chicken tenders and placed it in the bagging area. But then it did not register on the bagging scale.

I picked it up and placed it down again and same thing. The error message would not go away and, despite having only three self-serve checkouts in operation, no one came to my help. So I picked it up and placed it firmly on the surface, whereupon it finally registered. Yay!

But no.

The store manager, Marci, only observed me with the tenders, whereupon she admonished me for “banging on her machine”. I looked up at her and was in shock BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT WEARING A MASK! Then I realized what she was saying. I ignored her and just muttered under my breath “and your concern is this stupid machine (in the middle of a pandemic)”.

Then, without ever offering assistance or asking what happened, she immediately hailed a security guard to have me removed from the store!!! REMOVED FROM THE STORE! I was completely incredulous because at no time did I raise my voice, was I rude to anyone, or create any kind of disturbance! I was merely trying to get the machine to work!!!

Again, with no assistance, mind you.

May I add here that I have been in retail for over 30 years. Any time there is an issue with a customer, the proper procedure would be to at least pull the customer aside, and politely ask them what the issue is! That never happened! That aside, what happened to the customer is always right???

I continued to process my checkout.

While completing my payment, the security guard was asking me to leave. I asked “could I not just pay and leave? This whole thing is ridiculous”. I then paid, grabbed my groceries, and said “ I would never enter that store again”!

Marci replied “I’d appreciate that, sir”. I left the store in shock because there was no incident, there was no issue; Marci created one where none existed. In fact the only issue was that the machine failed but, more importantly, so did the staff!

In addition, while I was trying to complete my transaction, my husband was trying to use another register. He politely asked Marci “if this machine was available”.

She snapped back a “NO!” - so loudly, it caught my attention while the security was trying to talk to me. Really, does she address all customers this way???

I know we all have tough days. I know that it has not been an easy time for essential workers, grocery workers first among them. I always go out of my way to be extra nice upon their thanking me for shopping.

But instead of a thank you, I am admonished and threatened by the non-mask-wearing Store Manager, rude to not only me but my husband! This is absolutely non-acceptable!!! Does Safeway condone this type of behavior towards customers?

And does Safeway have an exemption with Santa Clara County, whereupon its employees are exempt from a county-wide mandate to wear masks inside stores? I think these questions deserve answers, I think I deserve an apology.


Paul Stoner

User's recommendation: Do not shop at this location!!! Customer have choices and deserve far better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Manager.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Safeway Cons: Being treated like a second class citizen.

Location: 2558 Berryessa Rd, San Jose, CA 95132

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Hopefully something does. And soon


Oh stop whining! My God!

If YOU think YOU need to wear a mask, then WEAR one. Just bc someone walks by you without a mask, doesn’t stop YOURS from working. Lmao You’re retarded. LESS THAN 1% of the world has died from it & it’s ONLY from other health problems.

Get a grip. Do some research. It’s not about a big bad virus, it’s about an election.

You’re buying into the hype. People like you kill me,

@Bricen Mkn

Tell that to the families of that 1%. And it’s a mandate to wear a mask just like one to not smoke in public places.


bring your own sanitizer if you need it. it is kinda each of our responsibility to take care of ourselves.


There is no law in California requiring you to wear a mask.


There are Federal, State and local laws against discrimination. Not being allowed in a place of business because you are not or can not wear a mask is discrimination. You can file a civil lawsuit against the manager or any person in that business on the grounds of discriminaiton.

@Denise A Mpc

thank you for sharing this truth!!


Would that same degree of "placing the Tenders firmly on.. " your nose have the response from you that Marci had about you "firmly" placing the package on the machine had?


If you want to be a 'sheep being led to the slaughter' by the liberal government, go right ahead but do not expect everyone else who actually has a brain and common sense to do the same. Not all people are fooled by this 'so-called' virus plandemic.

You obviously watch too much of the 'mainstream media' who are nothing but a bunch of fearmongering liberals with an agenda to force all 'American's' to be under one rule of government. Can't you see how easy it was for the liberal elites to take control of Americans.

They laugh as they sit back and watch the sheep being lead to the slaughter as so many people who are so easily conditioned by what they hear from the mainstream media are doing rather than do their own research and learn the facts. They can see now, there are still people who have no clue about history nor can understand just how much this whole thing follows the 'Hitler' agenda of years ago.


Hmmm guys who have husbands have altered views about abuse.


Love that the store manager and maybe employees not following the mask order. They could have health conditions. They work all day behind the plexiglass and that is their choice.


They have Constitutional Rights. Masks aren’t mandated for everyone.


There is ZERO honest health science proof the virus is spread via carts. Get facts instead of accepting ignorant lawless rogue gov't leaders' stupid, lawless, and dishonest medical claims that destroy your liberty and health


Where was your mommy when you were acting like this.The machines cost money. Are you going to pay to repair them if you break the machine.

You would have to do a lot of extra chores for your parents if this happened. ALSO GROW UP. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. They have every right to refuse service and when you risk damaging property YOU ARE WRONG.

Also stop lying. How can you have worked in retail for over 30 years when you are only eight years old. Or maybe you just behave like an eight year old? IF this is true I hope that you had lots of customers like yourself to deal with.

When a grown "man" like yourself acts like a child they will have you removed from the store and at this point you are a immature baby throwing a temper tantrum rather than a customer. Seriously mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face for your behavior. She did not raise you right. If she did you would not need someone calling security on you and kicking you out of a store.

Trust me you won't be missed. You are an eight year old stuck in an adult body. You are nothing but a man child. Marci was not the one that created the issue here.

You were the rude one. I doubt that Marci addresses all customers like this, only immature ones like you. I like how you talked rudely to Marci and claim you are always extra nice. You were not nice to Marci and she kicked you out of the store.

No one owes you an apology.

You are the one that should be apologizing. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE.


Poor poor Paul! Couldn’t keep your mouth shut and got kicked out!!

Maybe next time just apologize so you and your husband can go and do what you do. You’re NOT SPECIAL!! They have every right to kick you out. Each and every time you ignored their command to leave you made the situation worse.

You could have handled it like an adult but instead chose to be childish and surly. This is on you for being a VERY poor example of a human being.


You are right, they do have every right to kick Paul out. Especially when he is abusive.

I feel sorry for his husband. I feel sorry for his mother seeing how her little boy turned out. She must be disappointed in how he turned out.

I am not talking about him being gay. I am talking about his abusive and immature behavior.


Nightmare staff. Marci was wrong and needs training.


Marci sounds like a rude moron who deserves a permanent vacation. Did the store get a copy of Paul's review? Hope so.


Do you really think that this little boy is telling the whole story? He was kicked out for a reason.

He was rude to Marci simply because he thinks customers should be able to get away with it. Also Paul is not telling the truth


If you bothered to read the review you would know that Paul was in the wrong.He was rough with the machine and he started getting rude and smart with Marci.

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