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Purchased a prime rib for Christmas Day dinner at Castro Valley store. Told meat cutter what I wanted & he got one for me.

Exp date was 12/27/20. I opened the package on 12/25 to let it come to room temp and the smell was horrid. The meat was obviously bad. No way was I going to go to Safeway on Christmas Day but I was furious because our dinner was totally ruined.

We had to eat leftovers from Christmas Eve. I usually cook on Christmas for my entire family but because of Covid, we were only 4. THANK GOD! I will NEVER rely on Safeway meat again.

I did receive a refund the following day. They should have provided extra compensation given the circumstance & it didn't have to be anything big. I never even heard an apology from the person who handled the transaction.

And this is not the first time I have had to return spoiled food, but it is the last. This store has gone so far downhill in the past few years, it is pathetic.

User's recommendation: Be very careful with their meat & perishables.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Meat.

Safeway Pros: I used to like the store, Convenient, Starbucks.

Safeway Cons: Unprofessional behavior, Food quality has gone downhill, Questionable people hang out in the parking lot at night, Incorrect pricing, Very low stock & very high prices.

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You should have been refunded DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.


No you are not entitled to extra companion only a refund. You are trying to trick them because you overspent on Christmas.

@Rino Ekg

You don't decide what compensation this person gets.

@Rino Ekg

Overspent?? You are an idiot.

Hard to argue when a piece of meat smells like rotting flesh.

Not even an apology for ruining our dinner. Store totally sucks.

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