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It's not enough that Safeway has run off the competition (e.g. Albertson, Kroger, Ralph's, etc.) now they are gradually replacing the national brands with the Safeway Brand which for the most part is Aweful.

The example: I needed a small jar of Dill relish, went into Safeway and all they had @ 3 locations was their own brand. The relish was far from being "Dill" it was pure "Salty & Sour". I know if you are the only kid on the block, you can do pretty much what you want.

I think this is ashame if Safeway is going to lead the way they need to give the buying public what they want, not what Safeway wants to sell the buying public.

In order to not shop at Safeway I have to drive approx. 20 minutes one way, 20 minutes back + the time going in, paying and getting back in traffic.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Last week I noticed there was a significant amount of items in Safeway that have been replaced by their own brand and I feel the quality has been reduced. I am trying a different grocery chain next week.

I also noticed the dicet in the produce dept by placing price signs above the wrong items hoping busy shoppers don't realize they are going to pay a much higher price at checkout while they are unloading their cart and not watching the register screen. I am not shopping there any more.

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