I'm tired of Safeway produce it has no flavor, Apple's would be yellow on the inside, white corn turned dark yellow as it cooked and was mush with no flavor, they keep dropping foods that I purchase and when I ask what happened to a certain product I always get " oh I don't know but you can try Safeway brand" I've shopped Safeway for 11 years now, well I think it's time to switch to a farmer's market or stop eating cuz I'm tired of throwing out the foods I buy at Safeway even their meat is tasteles s if it wasn't for seasoning I wouldn't be eating their meat! Like I said I'm done with Safeway

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Safeway wants everybody to buy their Lucerne dairy products. It is almost impossible to buy Darigold, a respected local brand. I miss Albertsons.


Safeway is doing what all grocers will be doing in the very near future. Congressional bills like The Dark Act, HR1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, will not allow the public to know what is in, or not in your food!

This is being pushed forward by the factory farms we have today instead of family farms of yesterday, and they are in their sites also. This bill will make it against the law for anyone selling produce or the like from saying anything about what they raise, under penalty of law! So unless you like eating the kind of stuff this writer from Auburn, WA. is talking about, or you don't care what you consume or feed your kids, stay quite.

If you do care about your food, and what you feed your children get busy NOW! Contact your Congressman or Woman and tell them you don't support this or any bill that limits what you would know about your food.

There is no time to waste thinking this over. It's either do it now or forever wish you had.

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