I was recently involved in a collision that left me with a head injury. I was then on bed rest and could not leave my house for anything excpet doctors and phamarcy.

I was excited that I could at least take care of my groceries for myself. Except that they forgot some items because clearly they aren't double checking things. They had it in stock, but didn't deliver. For that matter, there was also a couple items that had to be substituted and another that they didn't even bother substituting.

Their answer to the missing items - we'll refund your money. Thank you for not stealing from me! There is a minimum amount to order and they have to lose at least half of it to even consider redelivering. They don't even try to make it up by offering gift card to try to keep you as a customer.

This is some of the worst service ever.

Just know you can't count on getting stuff in the first place and know they don't take responsibility for their mistakes. Even healthy I'm avoiding their stores.

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