I had my groceries delivered from Safeway for approximately 3 years with no problems. Then a couple of things occurred in my personal life which resulted in a couple of individuals deciding to get together and essentially see to it that I was unable to obtain the services and products I wanted or needed.

The closest analogy I can provide is that it's similar to when the civil rights act passed and businesses were no longer legally allowed to discriminate but the new law didn't change the hearts or minds of the racists. So what did they do? They made it look as if they were complying with the law but the services or goods they provided were substandard. For me, I pay the same amount for my goods and services as everyone else, but their seems to be a concerted effort to ensure that I don't get what I pay for.

They waste my time by having me sitting at home waiting for deliveries but never show up. Approximately 18 months ago they began this harassment campaign. Currently their delivery rate is at or slightly below 50%. The biggest problem I have is them just refusing to deliver my groceries.

When I call their Delivery Customer line they always give me a song and dance and tell me that they'll be there but half the time they still don't show. They run my card, they have my money but I don't have the products or services for which I paid. I'm in the process of initiating legal discovery to get my records from them so that I can turn them over to the government in preparation for litigation. I suspect their animosity is religious or possibly race based.

The only other conclusion is gross incompetence of the Safeway employees involved. Oh and I almost forgot, they ALWAYS tamper with my order. They remove items, steal items, etc. In 5 years I think I actually received my whole order once.

As of today, Safeway ran my card for $160.00 was supposed to delivery between 4:00 - 8:00 and when they didn't show up by 8:00 I called. I was told that they're running an hour to an hour and a half late but that they would be here by 9:00. At 9:15 I called the help line but they were closed. If this is like last time, if I don't call them again tomorrow they still won't delivery (they've done this before - screwed up the re-delivery.

I think I ended up just cancelling the order because I couldn't afford to sit at home waiting on them).

Maybe a class action would get their attention. If I can update my entry I'll come back and post the case # that the government issues when you file a complaint with them - I dont' know if the FTC handles these types of complaints but I'm pretty sure WA Attorney general's office does

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: I'd like for them to stop deliberately screwing up my orders and not delivering my groceries. If they cannot do that then they should be prosecuted for civil rights violations..

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Now that's really taking the cake for being lazy. First, all the slobs go pig out on Super-Sized junk food that they get through the drive thru at McDonalds.

Then they are so lazy, that they order all of their groceries online, and have the employye take it out to their car and load it up for them, because they are too lazy to get up and do it for themselves. they are the type of person who would employee a butler in their house, so that whenever someone would knock at the door, they could have the butler go anwer it, instead of getting off of their lazy real-ends to answer it themselves.


Maybe just go into the store..... just saying unless you’re a full blown quadrapaligic you should be able to enter the store.


Have you taken your medications like you should???

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