I had a Safeway delivery set for between 1pm and 2pm. Problem 1: There is no email/text/phone communication as to the status of your order.

I waited until 1:30pm and still did not get any phone call, email, or text message from Safeway delivery. I called Grocery Delivery - 877-505-**** and waited about 20 minutes until I was connected to a woman. I asked her what was going on. She told me there were IT issues.

Problem 2: I had to PROBE her many times (politely) to give me more information as to my order. She did not care to proactively help me. I asked her to cancel my order at this point. She said that my order had not been charged yet so she would be able to cancel my order.

Problem 3: I asked her if she would be sending an email to confirm. She flat out said no. This is unheard of in this day and age. Problem 4 (this is why I asked for email confirmation in the first place): I check my credit card account 2hrs later, and I had been charged.

An hour later, I get a text that Doordash would be delivering my order. I replied back to Doordash's text that I had cancelled my order. Doordash calls me an hour later trying to make the delivery. I told them again that I had cancelled my order.

Now I have a charge on my credit card for $206.67. I should have never been charged at all. I was also told to look at my Safeway app to see my order update. HA!

It didn't even have my order on there. This is my third time this type of issue with Safeway delivery service. I have deleted the app and will never use it again. Goodbye and good riddance to Safeway.

Use Instacart or Amazon Fresh. They have wonderful communication from start to finish and are very reliable.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Safeway delivery.

Location: San Jose, California

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