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I decided to give them a second chance after they had minor problems with my order last year. That was *** of me.

-They ignored my notations that they were not supposed to substitute items for the turkey. My order was placed 10 days in advance, and I asked for a 16-20 lb. turkey in my order.

They delivered two 10 lb. turkeys. If I had ordered a 20 lb. boneless roast, that would make sense but two smaller turkeys just mean you are paying for more bone and less meat.

Given they had 10 days to pull a frozen turkey, couldn't they have gotten the size right?

-I agreed to be available for a four-hour delivery window. Even with that, the driver was 30 minutes late. So I had to wait 4.5 hours for my delivery. I could have WALKED to the Safeway in that amount of time, and I am disabled.

-I left messages with them, and they have been ignored. I called their toll-free number and even though it was before 9 PM, they gave the "closed" recording. OK, I get being closed for the holidays. But all week?

-They still continue to spam me with ads for their delivery, and they both jack up the prices for the items AND charge $7.95 for delivery. You would think they'd hate to lose a good customer.

If you have an alternative, get your grocery delivery from another company. Even if they offered me a discount on future orders, I wouldn't take it as they can't do the job they agreed to do.

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Boulogne-Billancourt, Ile-De-France, France #18146

I ordered groceries from one time. We ordered some ice cream products from them (as well as a bunch of other stuff) & even though it was a morning delivery (and wasn't that hot outside), the ice cream stuff was all melty. Won't be doing that again.

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