I went to a Safeway in Burien WA to pick up one item. The few open checkstands were packed and so I went to the self check stands.

The computer screen was ambiguous as to whether it was functional. I asked a clerk (male) if it was working and he flippantly said, "No,that's why the weird screen is there." I asked why there wasn't a sign on it since it did not indicate on the screen that it was dysfunctional. He made a flip comment; and I asked,"What do you suggest? Or should I just not come to Safeway anymore?" He said,"That's fine if that's what you want!" I dropped my item and left.

The computer screen should have had a sign saying "Out of Order" at the least. The screen itself had areas to indicate express check or something to that effect.

I tried several times to work it as I thought I was doing it wrong (since I am not the most computer literate person in the world). When I made the suggestion to the guy to put a sign on it, at least he could have said, "That's a good point." I think he needs a day off to assess his attitude or look for another job.

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Spokane, Washington, United States #660782

It is simple "Ask a *** question, get a *** answer!". I have never understood why people are so shocked when they get an answer that fits the level of question that was asked.

I am sure you were probably the 20th customer to ask that same *** question. Much like when a little kid says "Look, look, look, look............" over and over when you are obviously aware of the situation.


First you say you go in to pick up one item and then you say you dropped your items and left, which was it? You shouldn't complain about other people's flip attitudes, when you, yourself were displaying one.

If you stated exactly what the employee said, I didn't see anything flip about it. You sounded like you wanted to make an argument.

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