I was pushing my cart in the meat department, near where the floor guy was cleaning the floors. I fell, hard enough that the nail polish on my left foot came off as I tried to break my fall with my shopping cart. I hit my shin on my shopping cart and I was limping.

I stopped the floor cleaner and told him that he needs to put up a wet floor sign, but he told me that he didn't understand me and did not speak English. So, I went to look for anyone else to report the incident. I found the manager who was walking in the front of the store, asked him to stop because I just fell down. He asked if I was okay. He said he was sorry and that he was going to check and see if he could find a wet floor sign. I limped around for the rest of my shopping, and I complained about it to my cashier. He offered to have me fill out a claim form -- which was not offered to me by the manager. When I asked him why the manager did not offer to have me fill this out, he couldn't answer. I told him that I take this very seriously and I showed my bruises to the other customers.

He went to look for a claim form, but could not find one. He had me write down my name and contact information so that someone could get back to me. I was so angry, and the pain was still setting in, by the time I got to my car, my leg hurt so bad that I could not rub the bruise. I was humiliated because I was not taken seriously.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Cashier.

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Yakima, Washington, United States #609729

I worked for Safeway for 19years as a district trainer and third person. Safeway settles ALL CLAIMS out of court.

The person cleaning the floor is supposed to have an ID badge.

The incident report is on Safeways intranet and goes directly to HR. Store Mgrs are only authorized to approve very small dollar amounts to settle, HR approves the rest.

Corvallis, Oregon, United States #609012

really, how about you report that safeway and the manager to INS to come deport their illegal workers. How can you work in safeway,undergo their training and safety practices and not speak English.

and you two comenters are asshats. 8)


LOL! if you see someone cleaning the floor, no duh it's wet!!! You're just a greedy person trying to sue.


Why does everyone have to be a cry baby....Oh wait, let me guess, you are an old *** white lady who cant be careful around a guy who is obviously cleaning the floors and blame it on SIGNS not being there for your *** to realize the floor just MIGHT be wet.

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