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when i worked across the street from safeway i singned up at safeway 2 cssh my checks there. it cost me 5.00 dollars to sign up and they said id be permanantly able to cash any check there.

a year later a went to cash a 25 dollar check and they said they dont cash checks. i said wtf? they said they never cashed checks there any time. and i looked and saw the big rollodex was gone also.

so i told them i had signed up and they say it must have been another store? wtf?? the only other safe way was 32 miles north from there. so i went 32 miles north and passed up 5900 other check cashing places to cash my checks?


i dont know where i am? really?

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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wow you need to call the cops on them if their getting cc info. ...........and as for the other person making lewd remarks he or she didnt quite understand what i was saying so ill line it up again.....

i went to safeway and enrolled in a permanent check cashing program which means you can cash your payroll or personal checks there as long as your enrolled and pay a one time 5.00 fee

so a year later i droppe by to cash a 25 dollar check and they told me THEY DONT CASH ANYONES CHECKS THERE NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL

and they informed me that i was dreaming when i told them about how i used to cash my check there and was enrolled.

FURTHERMORE........ the attorney general BUSTED safeway for charging a 5.00 fee for check cashing membership.............thanks for reading tu-dah-loo

Alameda, California, United States #798853

The safeway store in livermore california has a cashier there that uses a device to get the credit card info from the customers credit and debit cards. Her boyfriend gave it to her.

She places it behind her cash register while she is at work.

There is a lot of fraud at this safeway store. The manager may ne aware of it.


Omg... Did u have a check from another party?

A personal check? Get a bank account if u don't like their policies...

If you can't even get a bank account, then you Must have bad debit and onccheck systems. Pay ur bills.

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