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I generally have a high tolerance for managing rude people. However, this Safeway at 145 Jackson Street San Francisco, California 94111 has a store clerk named Thai who may be transgender male, or just a typical short Asian male who is particularly rude.

This person is super rude and could benefit from customer service training- or being FIRED! Worse the whole store should be shut down! Thai follows customers around the store and makes disrespectful comments about their purchases and their appearances. Throughout my shopping trip I saw him harass two customers.

His behavior was unnecessary. Thai seemed to be getting enjoyment from nagging shoppers. If I were those shoppers I would never spend another dime in any Safeway ever again- in fact, I think I will not. This is crazy behavior and so is the person or institution that put Thai up to it.

Safeway reminds me of a company that is teetering on the *** of Bankruptcy or a merger to try to avoid closing their doors.

Perhaps if they had better customer service things might be different.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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