I shop at King Soopers but this store happens to be around the corner from my office., so unfortunately for convenience reasons only I have had to stop in to this store (3X). First of all the pharmacy is the absolute rudest and unorganized mess I have ever come across.

They completely messed up my prescription and when confronted they told me to "calm down". This was over a year ago. Today, the bathroom was filthy with non-working paper towels, no toilet covers and *** all around edges, and what appeared to be the same in sink. I ordered chicken strips and as usual no one is there just one woman with her back turned to me and I had to ask her 2 x for help and she was clearly annoyed and slammed my bag on the counter without a word.

The 2nd time I dropped in for a deli sandwich and a woman told me "oh I know your type, kinda koo-koo and high maintenance" because I asked for a sandwich that was not pre-made. I had to seek out a deli employee and she blamed it on me by saying I was standing in the wrong place and laughed. Today, I went to check out and as usual there is just one checker at 4:00 pm, and a line. I checked out and found a Gatoraide in my bag that I was not mine.

The clerk tried to tell me it was mine and that I "put it there". He then said, " it's just 77 cents, so if you want to you can go get a refund at the service center", where there was also a line. No apology, just began checking out next customer. I stood in line and then explained and still no comment, she just handed me $1.26 and then said, "oh I gave you too much" and put her hand out, and then said "oh forget it".

Safeway is overpriced, the delis are all understaffed, and all employees are rude and visibly unhappy. I blame the Manager. The Safeway at 7375 E. Arapahoe is the worst, and employees at my office all concur.

I called to complain after my first fiasco with my prescription and the same rude women are there as of today and the Manager does not care.

Terrible energy throughout. They seriously need to clear out everyone starting with the Manager.

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