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Safeway at 4837 Silver Hill Rd district Heights,MD is the worst UNPROFESSIONAL store I have EVER encountered. They also sell spoiled and freezer burned foods.

Buyers BEWARE!!!!!! They have little food and the employees are the worst ever. When you complain they always ensure they will fix the problem but they never really do. I have heard that same line from them OVER 15 times and it still is not any better.

Is the store going to fix the problems or not? Also the pharmacy staff is very rude as well and taht has been a problem now for 8 years or more.

My son has asthms so I go there to get his medicine and I always have a hard time with them. They need to understand thatbnpeople are sick when they visit the pharmacy and the last thing they need is to be put through a bunch of mess just to gey their medicine.

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You should see what I purchased today at the Mountain View Store on California when I called the manager tonight he didn’t even apologies he defended his staff that they pull expired food off the shelf daily; I asked him to explain how bread got missed after it expired on Feb 24th – the guys didn’t even offer to replace the buns.

I’ve totally had it with these guys it’s like all about profits, I’ll be matching into the store tomorrow with the local news guys.


I have worked for Safeway for 23 years and have never sold or will ever sell anything that I would not eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I get a complaint it is handle immediately.

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