Not only can you find yourself ordering 1 pound of onions and get delivered 1 single onion, they will also make substitutions such as 1 fresh pineapple instead of the dried pineapple chunks you need for your recipe - I dont know how to dry my own food they are kind of missing the point. Today I ordered 3 total serrano chiles and recieved 3 pounds of serrano chiles and when I contacted them they said to bad so sad - you dont get a refund of $3.

So they would rather keep $3 then just make things right. I know its only $3 dollars but it is just one example of a lot of other examples I could run through. Now I will proceed to waist 3 pounds of serranos which in my opinion is really sad.

Perhaps I should tie bundles of them with ribbon and give as early gifts to my neighbors. I am pissed about the $3, I am pissed that in the 5 years I have been using their service they still have never really gotten it together and I am tired of working with them as an online service.

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