Please stop calling me by name at the check out counter at Safeway, especially if I give you my phone number. People that are standing in line that I don't know obtain more information about me than I would like, and I feel this violates my privacy.

I receive a lot of calls from weirdo's and don't really appreciate the lack of respect and anonymity that Safeway provides. If I lived in a little hick town 100 years ago, I probably wouldn't care, but in today's world one has to be very careful, and I shouldn't loose out on discounts because of my concerns.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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San Jose, California, United States #785265

It makes you feel uncomfortable when a total stranger calls you by your name. It's an unwarranted sense of familiarity that you would rather not deal with.

Now you know how we feel every time you customers look at our name tags and act like you know us.

And for the record -- the policy about thanking by name is forced. We hate it as much as you do.


I hate this too and tell them don't say my name! With thieves getting the remote door signals in the parking lot with their cell phones, so they can steal your registration and insurance info, haven't we got enough privacy issues to worry about.

Safeway is the most dishonest chain store.

Rotten food, coupons not honored, items advertised and not stocked, signs that deceive shoppers, carts that lock up and can't be pushed to the car, refusing to accept military IDs. Stop reading the receipt and make sure the bagger is not putting can goods on top the tomatoes and bananas again.


Completely agree. I can't stand it.


God forbid they obtain your last name. With that level of detail the could probably take over your whole life...

If you are worried about your phone number, how about you bring the actual card with you? If you lost it, get a new one.

It's not their fault. :upset


You could also just put in your phone number on the pin pad instead of saying it out loud. I work for safeway and it is required that we thank by last name.

Its not an option.

If it wasn't i most probably wouldn't. It is no where close to my favorite part of the job.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213860

Yes you should lose "not loose btw" out on discounts due to your concerns. You can't have it both ways. I also very much doubt you are getting phone calls because of this.


I worked at Tom Thumb (a safeway company).Did you know that cashiers run the risk of getting fired if they miss the names on only a few customers? They have to ask, and hate it.

They also have to beg for donations every time the store takes cash for charity- and yes, cashiers have a quota.

As far as I know you can call corporate customer service and have your name taken off the receipts.

You will still get your discounts, but your name will be \"valued customer\"...unless they changed their policies again. Did you know that cashiers run the risk of getting fired if they miss the names on only a few customers?

to heather #608556

I agree, Safeway has no idea how to run a grocer store, treat a customer, and respect its employees.

Everything Safeway asks their cashiers to do in someway, alienates customers.

"Thank you Mrs. Jones, have a nice day, would you like help out to your car?" "My name isnt Mrs. Jones, its my mothers card and I dont have a car, I walk here." Yea, imagine getting this 20 times a day, it also sucks for the employee to get yelled at for doing his job.

But thats not the best part.. Employees have to walk around the checkstand for each and every customer to check their cart to see if they are stealing.

It´s no wonder why Safeway just lost their entire chain of Genuardi's Markets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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