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I am a 62 year old white female and have worked at the Department of Homeland Security for 17 years.

I had one refill on my prescription left, but I needed it 3 days early because I was going on vacation. I went up to Safeway a week early and spoke to the pharmacist on duty. The pharmacist (who was white) told me that it couldn't be filled until 09/28/15, but she said since I was going on vacation that she would try to get an override through my insurance on 09/24/15, but she said if it didn't go thru my insurance, that she would accept cash. She told me to come back on 09/24/15.

On 09/24/15, I returned to Safeway. I explained the situation above, and the pharmacist on duty (who was black) told me NO - she would NOT fill my prescription 3 days early.

Since I have had other prescriptions filled a few days early before when approved by my insurance, I didn't understand why she would not refill my prescription. I then asked if she could transfer my prescription to Rite Aid - to avoid any more problems dealing with her. I then went to Rite Aid and their pharmacist told me that Safeway did not transfer my prescription to Rite Aid!!! I then returned to Safeway. Safeway said that the Rite Aid pharmacist refused the transfer. I went back to Rite Aid and Rite Aid said they didn't refuse the transfer but that they didn't have the medicine that I needed to fill my prescription. I then called Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they said that Safeway DID NOT even run my prescription through them to try to obtain an override! (So, I could only conclude that this Safeway pharmacist just didn't want to fill my prescription for some reason, maybe she was prejudice or just didn't like me. I had no clue why Safeway would not fill my prescription.)

I was pretty frustrated by this time. BC/BS lady said she approved a "vacation override" and she told me to hold on the phone while she called Safeway to inform them of this approval. Thinking everything was okay now, I returned to Safeway to pick up my prescription. But they still said No they aren't filling my prescription and that if I don't leave the store, they are calling the cops on me. I went and saw the manager and he talked to the pharmacist. Pharmacist said she transferred my prescription to Giant!!!! I then went over to Giant and their pharmacy manager told me they are filling my prescription because it went through my insurance just fine! Although, Safeway had just refused to refill my prescription and threatened to call the cops on me too!!! I was treated so rudely by the Safeway pharmacy employees. They ganged up on me and they acted very unprofessional. It was kinda scary. I felt that the pharmacist was prejudice towards me and that's why she refused to refill my prescription because there is no reason that she couldn't fill my prescription that I know of. They never gave me an answer as to why Giant could fill my prescription and they (Safeway) refused to. I will never go to Safeway again. I'm 62 and I have never ever had someone say they were going to call the cops on me. Some customer service!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kent, Washington, United States #1345336

Hahahahaha. I can't help but wonder if there is any reason whatsoever for this person to think this has to do with race other than maybe she has a problem with the pharmacists race.

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