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Just now returned from Safeway on Val Vista & Elliot, in Gilbert, AZ. I saw Crystal Geyser 1 gal.

for $0.99; a price one can pay all over the state. Saw all Campbell's soups @ $0.99. Purchased these items among a dozen others. Went to pay with my Safeway discount card and noticed the screen, $1.49 for each of those items.

I pointed out the discrepancies to cashier, relating the prizes as marked @ $.99. Cashier said, "Just this one time, I will let this slide." "Let this slide," I asked, "like you're personally giving me a break." "Look, I'm giving you a break, take it." I asked to see the manager. She marched over to the designated rows and pointed out the very, very faint and small disclaimer print, 'When purchasing 4 or more." This light gray print was in 8 font size. I've never seen such smallness of print, and in a hundred thousand Sq.

Ft. building. I pointed out that as far back as I can remember, at the cashier's stand, the discounted price is always honored, if you purchase 1 or a hundred of that item. Apparently, however, Safeway is reneging on this long held customer understanding and are now reducing their disclaimers to the smallest font size available on their printers.

After forty years of patronizing Safeway, I now have a dirty feeling of being financially raped by this new crowd at Safeway and will consciously avoid ever returning to any Safeway in the future. Can you imaging what Safeway has spent over these same many years in advertising to get my trust with Saveway and then to *** it all away to get that lousy extra $.49 out of my pocket by misleading me. There's a political revolution going on in this country, and the people are tired of being ripped off. Safeway seems oblivious to this tread and has chosen at the very wrong time to implement this woeful misrepresentation of bait and switch.

Why don't they put $1.49 on the item, and in very, very small print, '$.99 when you purchase four'. I think we know why...

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Anyone who thinks the customer is always right is a fool. Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that if any store actually believed it. they'd be out of business in a hurry.

The customer is definitely NOT always right.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1312603

I don't care if it's 1 cent or 100.00 if it is advertised then there should be no issue the customer is always right!!! Telling someone "to grow up ,being a baby" is just wrong?

I agree with who ever wrote the complaint. When you let bad service go , whats next quality? Also the conduct of the workers isn't excusable and shouldn't be tolerated.

What if their check had deductions on it , would they be wrong or right to complain? Just my opinion?

to anyoumous #1312611

If you knew how to read you would see that the CUSTOMER is wrong in this situation. Clearly if you knew how to read the review you would see that this only applies if you buy FOUR cans.

This person is being childish, and it is idiots like you, and the OP who take advantage of the "customer is always right thing" and make it harder for us all. This is not bad service, this is a about a little child that cannot well, that needs help sounding out words which contain more than three letters, and is blaming her inability to read as bait and switch. The little girl needs to have an adult tell her exactly what bait and switch is, and your little classmate is wrong here. It would be wrong if the little girl bought four of the can and still was charged full price, but since this little girl does not know how to count she was in the wrong as she did not buy the four cans that were required to honor the deal.

Not only do they give in to her when she is wrong, but she acts like she is still right because she is too immature to admit she is wrong. The worker gave her the discount even though the little girl did not get the four cans as stated. Her mother needs to see this review, give her a spanking and make her apologize for throwing a temper tantrum when she was wrong.

Her being illiterate does not make this bait and switch, and they did not have to give this girl what she wanted. They probably figured felt bad because this girl worked hard for her money, making her bed, folding her clothes that they should give it to her.

to anyoumous Yonkers, New York, United States #1312623

If you read the review properly you would see that she was wrong here. like others have stated she was supposed to buy FOUR cans if she wanted them for 99 cents.

How hard is that to understand, and one can always refuse service, and that statement is outdated because of people like you and the OP who want to make their own rules because they can either not read, or choose not to read properly. The reason that people are telling her to grow up is because she is acting like a six year old instead of admitting that she is wrong.

Now if they did not have that brand of soup, and had another brand of soup that cost more that is bait and switch, but it is obvious that the OP is a fool and does not know the definition of bait and switch. Also your thinking she was right and the employee's conduct was poor when she was right and the CUSTOMER was WRONG, makes me wonder if you yourself are a fool as well.


Financially RAPED? For a 99 cent gallon of liquid? Grow up.

Fullerton, California, United States #1290309

First of all she did not need to honor the price. Second before using the word bait and switch, ask mommy or daddy what it means.

Lastly no need to throw a temper tantrum and ask for a manager when you are in the wrong. It is not their fault that you do not know how to read.

If you had taken an adult shopping with you you would they could have helped you sound out all the big words so you would have known the promotion only happens if you buy four or more. You did not, she gave you the price anyway and instead of throwing a temper tantrum you should be thanking her.

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