We just moved to Littleton, CO, and have both a Kroger and a Safeway right around the corner from us. Signing up for the Kroger rewards card took 5 minutes and we got two key-chain cards for scanning. Easy.

Today I went to the Safeway and asked to sign up. The clerk handed me 1 credit-card size Club card. I asked for a 2nd for my wife. Here's where the fiasco began:

> I was given a 2nd credit-size card for my wife

> the two cards have different account numbers, so we'd end up earning rewards separately

> when I asked about this, the clerk said I had two options for combining the accounts:

1. go to the Safeway website (I did this, and it didn't recognize either account number!)

2. call 877-SAFEWAY - I did that and, as of RIGHT NOW, I've been on hold for a rep for 30 min and 15 seconds! (while listening to bad music with horrendous sound quality)

This is a joke!! It's no wonder that Kroger's market cap is 3 times that of Safeway, and their stock is going up, not tanking life Safeway's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Website.

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Just try to cancel your card -just try!!!!!!!!Someone has been using my phone number to get gas .Safeway has gone so far down the crapper I stopped shopping there then one day when I did I find out someone has used my phone number, when I put it in someone else name comes up. !!!

I called and was on hold long enough for my battery to go dead!!!I stopped shopping at safeway because they no longer have enough checkers. mold on fruit and veggies - ect

Denver, Colorado, United States #633959

Hate to rain on your comments here but Safeway's stock price has been going up since December 27 and is near a 52 week high.

Corvallis, Oregon, United States #608996

So been shopping at this small town safeway for nearly two decades now and over the years it just gets worse and worse. I've been humiliated by this one clerk who thought it was her job to talk about me to her buddy in front of me in line at the register about using food stamps.

"People who use food stamps should just get off their lazy butts and get a job" Then i get a meaningful look and a smirk, i complained not once but at least three times. Once to her store manager, once on a comment card mailed to corporate office, and one online. Luann is a total %$^t. Why you ask well not two months later as i am leaving the same store i see a very well dressed lady with two small children in tow asking for Luann and she is pissed to the nth degree.

I'm thinking " well luann looks like you pissed off someone your boss might actually listen too and i'm guessing you won't be working here anymore". As I'm walking away taking a sip of my coffee i hear " I'm looking for the *** who has been sleeping with my husband and i'm going to beat her ***" I am literally on the *** of choking to death on my coffee. *** luann you are such a dumb 345t and looks and sounds like you messed with the wrong man. Heard later from other employees she got called out in the store and hid like the cow she is.

Funny not two more months go by and somehow she is promoted. And that is our local safeway in a nutshell, the best employees quit, never to return and the trash who never do even close to their jobs get promotions.

*** me safeway, i can and will spend both my cash and foodstamps elsewhere. As i am disabled i get enough *** in my life and don't need to pay some evil mega corporation for more.

to wasted too much money in safew #609751

The best of us are almost forced to quit by bad management staff such as the store manager at my store i knew someone who was basically his *** for two years just trying to do good work hopping for the occasional good job or pat on the back. When they asked for a department transfer was they were told that they were worthless and didn't deserve a move to anywhere in the store.

By the way safeway if you even pay attention to this.

It's the manager that dodges the owner every year and hasn't been transferred like every manager must ever 2-3 years he's been there for 10 years customers hate him. His name is MIKE DUNN at store 1815 I hope you fire his *** ***.

to wasted too much money in safew San Francisco, California, United States #645647

Because of the union management can almost never fire an employee based on a complaint. This is because everyone shops at a grocery store - even the crazys and bully's, thus no matter how nice the clerk- they have had someone complain about them at least once.

I worked at Safeway 7 years, the bad employees generally get weeded out eventually but it takes 3 witnessed (by an employee) incidents in 6 months for an employee to get fired. I have had people literally yell at me for asking if they need help with anything quote "this department gives too much service!"

Naples, Florida, United States #604660

Oh please.

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