Product complaint not very happy actually very mad at safeway bellerine. I bought a small packet of beef mince It Only Tasted Of Salt When I Ate It My Teeth Started Hurting And My Nose To I Kept Sneezing It Was Like U Have Put A Whole Packet Of Salt In Them Font Tell U R Going To Say No But U Have Beem Brimmed It To Last Longer And Perceiving It With Salt Even My 7 Yr Old Daughter Want Happy Said It Freak Tasted Like Fires I Am Never Gonna Shop In That Store Again. Stop freak per serving the beef mince with salt you r making customers diabetic I don't want salt in my duck teeth for holes if I get holes in them you r gonna pay the dentist not me.

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The salt is going to put holes on her duck teeth and give her diabetes because the beef mince tasted like freaky fire. How hard is that to understand?

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