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I went to safeway to return items ( I had receipts) and to shop. My items were in my tote.

I normally return first but my funds were limited and I wanted to find sales first. I noticed immediately two guys following me through the store (as soon as I entered). I shopped while watching them watch me (very badly I may ad). I decided some items I didn't want and put them on a shelf (not on the aisle I got them from).

I got in line to pay and the older guy that was following me got in line behind me. He said to me "put it back". I at first thought he was talking to someone else. He was looking at me and said it again.

I said "what?, put what back?". He said" I know you have hair products in your purse". I said "No I don't". I then turned showed him where I had placed the items on the shelf (the items I had earlier decided I didn't want).He said he was calling the police.

I said "call the police". Then I walked away to try to get service on my phone ( In Safeway my cellphone service doesn't always work, I guess its the structure of the building). He grabbed my purse dumbed it out and voila...NO HAIR PRODUCTS! He took my items that I was returning even though I had receipts!

I went outside and called the police.

I believe I was targeted as soon as I walked into the store because I am black. I noticed the two white males following me as soon as I entered the store.

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One when my mama was shopping at the grocery store, she said that this man was following her, pretending to shop, but that he didn't have anything in his shopping cart. She said at one point he was flying down the aisle real fast trying to catch up with her, after some poeple had gotten in his way. She said that once he flew down the aisle and caught up with her, that he resumed pretending to leisurely shop, all the while following her with nothing in his shopping cart.


I'm surprised they even let you enter the store with a tote. Many stores around where we live will not let you enter with totes, backpacks etc.

You can thank dishonest people for this.

Also, it's incredibly rude to pick something up, decide you don't want it and put it down somewhere else. The stores tell me they spend a lot of time at the end of every day looking for *** like that. Lazy, inconsiderate customers.

Then people complain because items are in the wrong place or are located by incorrect prices and then try to force the store to sell them at that price (unless it's higher of course. Some people should not go shopping.

Has nothing to do with how you look.

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