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I know what you mean. Often, the clerk doesn't say hello and simply starts ringing up your groceries acting like they are mad at the world and pissed off and angry.

Then, after you pay them a bunch of money they don't even say "Thank You!" or "Have A Good Un!" Many times, to break the awkward silence I say "Thank You" and often they will respond half-heartedly with a "You're Welcome" If I don't say Thank you, then it feels weird walking out the store with no Pleasantries being exchanged. I think that they should cheerfully greet you with 'Hello, Welcome To Safeway! How Are You Doing To Today, or Did You Find Everything That You Need?" and then when they are ringing up your purchases they can say stuff like, 'I see that you're buying strawberries again!

Oh, you're so predictable!" or 'Nice weather we've been having lately!" or just make some kind of joke or whatever. It is unfriendly the way some of them don't say a word and don't say thank you or nothing.

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Maybe you should try tipping your cashier if you want a better experience checking out. Tip 15 to 20% of your order.


I used to hitch-hike all over these ucking United States and the people who picked me up who scared me the most were the ones who wouldn't say anything the entire duration of the ride. I would be thinking "Oh, my god!

This guy is going to kill me!" and I would be scared to death., and would be glad when I would finally get let out of the vehicle. I would have rather have had a religious nut picking me up and preaching at me the whole way or someone picking me up for their own amusement just to make fun of me and laugh at me. If you don't want to be friendly and talk to customers, then you shouldn't be checking people out of the store and not saying a word to them the whole time.

At least you could do like the old man who worked at the convenience store near me used to say. Every time you got through paying him and was about to leave he would say "Gotcha!"


There is no rule that says they have to talk you , myself I prefer as little interaction with people as possible

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