Your Safeway employees are smoking on your public parking lot where their smoke goes to and affects our children, and us while parking or waiting for each other .

I asked a Safeway employee not to smoke near us (i and children waiting for mom) at your Pleasanton , Ca store , and she ignored us and smoked , all the while the smoke enters our car.

Sometimes several Safeway employees gather having a large smokeout.

Please tell them to go to your back loading dock to smoke , out of the public eye and breathing room !

We love Safeway and greatly dislike the ignorance of your employees to our Health.

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As a non-smoker I don't enjoy being around smoke. My solution?

I take personal responsibility and remove myself from the area.

It's not like they're by the door or in the building, they're in the parking lot. Large stores have large parking lots - smokers are very, very easy to avoid with little effort.


get a life will you. i am the smoker that has to be down wind of your horrible perfume and *** gas. if you dont like the smoke leave the area its that simple.

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