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About 2 months ago I was at the Evergreen Plaza Safeway on 140th Ave NE and BelRed Road in Bellevue WA. This is a store that is near my YMCA, my dentist, my storage unit, etc.

Needless to say I bought ALL my groceries and gasoline at this store. After purchasing some snacks we asked the cashier if it was ok of we charged our cell phones using the outlet in front of the store. There are always patrons using the outlets for theor phones or computers out front or in the area where the tables are for eating pr enjoying a coffee ftom Starbucks but we wamted to be sure, since it was late and we wanted to sit in our van because it was very cold, that it was ok to run a cord from the outlet to the van seeing as no one would be using the door nearest the outlet. The cashier said as long as we were unplugged by the time that door was unlocked there was no problem.

Therefore when we were approached by a Bellevue Police officer and told we were being trespassed from the premises for theft of power I was not only shocked but I was PISSED. This feels like entrapment. Sure plug on in while I call the cops on you for charging your freaking cell phone. Apparently there isnt much communication between the cashiers and the managers and the managementare too big of *** to just ask to please not use the outlet.

I drive by there and see people using the same outlet that I was trespassed for a year for using woth permission. I will gladly spend the $100 a week for gas and the $300-$500 a month in food elsewhere.

It's the stores loss but it still *** me off. Neither me or my family or friends spend our money with Safeway after such a crappy move by the management at Evergreen Plaza Safeway.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Being treated like a common thief.

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