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For the last 11 years iv'e been shopping at a local Safeway store. I always appreciated the friendly atmosphere of Safeway but for the last 5 years that's about all Safeway has going for them. Over the years Iv'e watched the Safeway Corporation make things very inconvenient by way of ridiculous policies. I remember how convenient it was to purchase my tobacco products at my Colorado and Arizona Safeway but Arizona Safeway stopped carrying smokeless tobacco. I also remember when I could purchase a Visa Gift Card along with my groceries by form of Check payment at my Colorado Safeway, but here recently I was told by the Colorado Safeway chech out clerk that Safeway no longer accepts a check as payment for visa gift cards, she told me the Visa Geft Card is a "cash only purchase." She also told me it was a "Corporate Policy" which went into affect 6 months ago. I thought this was a bit odd considering I've been purchasing Visa gift cards at different Safeway stores by form of Check payment for the last 12 months prior. So, I guess you could say this new "Corporate Policy" has become yet another inconvenience for the loyal Safeway customers of Colorado. I have two other grocery stores in my area I can easily do business with, if the Safeway Corporate Policy is aimed at making things less convenient for they're customer, then by right, my own policy tells me maybe I should start doing my grocery shopping else where in my community. Ridiculous policies and misinformed Safeway clerks are a sure way to lose loyal customers!

Mary the checkout clerk needs to be "re-informed" regarding the payment/purchase policies for Visa Gift Cards at 1580 E Main St, Cortez, CO 81321


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Safeway the one in Baltimore MD in canton crossing sucks now ever since a new manager came to that store you have more people quitting they're jobs noone is happy there anymore the people there used to be so happy and friendly. You people need to really check out who you out in yout stores do you want to keep customers or lose them.

Try and make your employees happy for a change that manger and the assist. Mangers have no clue on how to run that store.


No merchant in their right mind would take a check for a prepaid visa gift card. That would be a scammers paradise.

I'm sure you're well intentioned friend but that is bad business practice no matter where you go. Any merchant who willingly accepts a check for prepaid cards is asking to be defrauded.


Your absolutely right plus everything that sells well is discontinued

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