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What happened to quality of life. Why does an employee have to feel bad to request a day off.

Why does a non-union manager have to feel bad to have an day off to attend a funeral. Why does a non-union manager have to work over 13 hours a day, and get paid for 8 hours. What happened to family first. Steve Burd and the followers are full of (you know what).

Slave days are over. Treat people like humans not slaves. The managers are the ones that make the stores flow.

Appreciate good hard work. Why do you think Safeway is losing good managers to Wal-Mart, Target, Bed bath & beyond?

Monetary Loss: $52.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #28195

Answer is simple. Safeway doesn't believe in quality of life for it's employees. They think Safeway is supposed to be your life. You aren't supposed to inconvenience them with having a life, or a family, or events like birthdays, weddings, reunions, funerals, etc.

Trust me, I know. I worked for Safeway for 11+ years. I worked in the meat dept. and had to travel to the different stores in the area as "road help". Once, I called the Annapolis store to tell them I needed off for my grandfather's funeral. The assistant manager replied, "Well I'm sorry that happened, but can you come in anyway? That really puts us in a bind." No I'm not kidding.

I quit Safeway 2 years ago, and my quality of life has been built back up again. It was a hard, scary choice. I left a good paying job with benefits, but i couldn't take that company anymore. Since then, I went to school to be a barber/ hair stylist, and although the road here was tough. It was worth it. Money isn't ANYthing if you aren't happy.

I advise each and every Safeway employee reading this to look at another road. If you can leave this awful company, find the courage and do so.

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