I have something to say about working at safeway. i worked there a long time you get overworked there is never enough time to get all the work done that the company asks. they hire on people at 8 dollars an hr and expect them to pay union dues, medical, scea, donate,intiate fee.

Safeway is not what it used to be. You do not need to harrass your employees like its life or death. Managers are so afraid because of safeway's endless wasting of your time programs and unrealistic papers to file or turn in. Think of the money they would save on paper alone.

Safeway is just a job and always be. Steve burd making millions for what.

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working for Safeway is miserable.

both south lake Tahoe stores suck! the roundhill Safeway night crew come In high every night, I told the manager (JOHN) andddd nothing was done about it.

all the checkers are old and rude as ***. ANDREA the night crew manager is the worst, let alone Linda (checker) , Vera (customer service) and Shaun (deli) there the worst people in that store. I'm talking rude a *** people.

I'm done with this company.


I've already complained about the Mt. View Safeway pre-dating their bread packed on dates and today (on Saturday) bought some sandwich roles (which packed on date was 12/5) the same date I bought them.

Due to the hardness ( I worked for Safeway fifteen years, and started in the bakery), I doubt they were baked on 12/5- Saturday. I also found 2 past sell dates on the same rolls when I was shopping. Attention to your corporation, store manager, and bakery manager- you better not continue to package product that is not made the same day and is packaged afterwards.

Corporate needs to address these issues, because that is your JOB!!!! Be aware , since your store manager takes NO responsibility for this, I am posting this message on several websites!!!


This isn't surprising. With the American economy we haven't been able to do what we do best!

That is to keep Americans productive and the American Dream!

Vote for Donald Trump and Ben Carson. These are truly the greatest on the American ticket for presidentancy.

Do not vote for another Bush or Cliton!


I've worked for safeway for way too long because of the good benefits and decent pay once you get up there. They treat their employees like total dog ***.

Since cerebus purchased safeway all the district managers and merchandizers have been freaking out about keeping their jobs and turned into bigger di#kheads than they were before (if thats possible). Always telling everyone how much they suck at their job even though the employees work their *** off for these fu*kers.

People are quick to blame the store managers but they too are afraid of these nazi *** they have to work under. D3 has the biggest c*nt ever for one of their merchandisers.


Safeway is an entity now owned by Albertsons grocery.

My son has worked at Safeway for 10 years, not by choice but by necessity. All of the posts i see are things he has told me about these "Shitheels" Yes, there is a Union, which in the workers dues are not worth the *** job they do!

I actually have shopped at the Tucson Oracle and Ina location where Senator Gabby Giffords was shot...

Sorry long winded, this store lets Transient folks hang out all day there in front. Bad Business.

to Anonymous South Lake Tahoe, California, United States #1103409

I work as a night stocker or cashier depending on what the schedule me, but Safeway is horrible. I'm at the south lake Tahoe ,roundhill Safeway.

it's horrible pay, the management are plain ignorant and dumb, the night crew comes high as a kite every night, and I've mentioned that to my boss.... nothing was done about it. other checkers are rude to each other and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of wrong marked prices, plus, its expensive!!!!

lines are way to long, the place is filthy and they only want to impress corporate people when they come in.

its ridiculous. Safeway on behalf of your workers, you suck..


Safeway has not payed me for the three weeks I have been working there. It sucks

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #956248

The problem with the new safeway is? IT ISNT NEW!

cerberus capital management better wake up, you put the same losers in the same jobs still doing the same ole safeway nonsense! Lololol get a clue alreadyď

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #956246

I work in pueblo west safeway and these new department specialists are trying to compete with their sister albertsons stores by running around acting like HITLERS! GET IT THRU UR HEADS! YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH HELP COROLINE REESE!

to fedup Denver, Colorado, United States #1215342

Caroline Reese is a baby hitler, I also work at the pueblo west safeway and she is a A TERRIBLE PERSON! She's unhappy in her life because she lives fir a *** company!

She doesn't even acknowledge customers when she's in line at Starbucks!

She just looks thru everyone! Plzzz Cerberus wake up!

Petaluma, California, United States #949645


Port Townsend, Washington, United States #929932

I work at Safeway for 3 month as a China cook it was HORRIBLE!! Tha guy that I work with he just a completely D I C K all the Deli people seem to be nice but DON't trust them DON't trust anyone if you are new just don't work there I work my A S S off I got pay $9 something and I have to pay for Union and insruerane that just suck after tex I got $5 per hour don't work here Safeway is a "good place" but the "people" just not


Your right, Safeway is a *** place to work. They hired me along with 3 other workers and within a month I was the only one left.

I felt pretty proud of myself because I actually busted my *** in the deli. But then they fired me 3 days before my 90 day probation was over for literally no reason.

To make things worse they weren't even upfront with me about it. I go into the breakroom to get my schedule and I find my hours crossed out on the schedule sheet.

I had to go and ask what was happening.

Management was terrible, coworkers were racist liars, and everything there was done half assed.


Worked at safeway as cake decorator for 4 months and that's all I was able to handle....they ask to much for the amount of hours they give you..and they start you as part-time and minimum wage...-_-..not cool.

San Jose, California, United States #860650

Safeway is so lame... There are 100s of people in line and 3 check stand open... I HATE coming to this store!!!!

Whitefish, Montana, United States #845916

The store Mgr. at Whitefish, Mt.

got cancer and all the employees were laughing in the break room. Needless to say employees hate this place.

Store Mgr. will be dead soon and empoyees plan on getting a keg

to Daisy Wake Island, Hawaii, United States #920984

Store Mgr is now dead. Let the keggar begin.

San Francisco, California, United States #840395

SF Marina. Check your receipt before you go home.

Safeway had some items marked 50% off the regular price, but after I got home and unpackaged everything, I sat down and looked at the receipt: not only did they charge me "2 Qty" when I only bought 1, they also didn't take the 50% off the regular price for two of the four items they should have. They also charged the donuts as "gourmet muffins", so instead of .50c, it was $1 per item. Geesh, not going back unless I have no other choice.

Fortunately, I usually do. bob's donuts is great!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #832910

I have to agree with everyone here. I have worked for Safe way for over 20 yrs.

And its true not enough help and I feel sorry for new hires they have too much put on them for min wages and always being threatened to get fired by managers who couldn't even do what they expect done. I go home stressed everyday I even stress before going in thinking what's in store for me today what kind of threat do I have waiting for me today.


Safeway has deceptive advertising and mislabeled prices. Three strikes and your out Safeway.

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