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I will tell you if you are thinking about applying to Safeway, STOP! The company overworks the employees they have because they would rather physically kill the employees that they already have then god forbid hire more people.

Then if for some reason you get hardly any hours they say sorry we aren't making enough at this store we can't spare the hours such B.S. They make their hard working employees feel like *** and that they aren't doing enough. But the employees who stand around and do nothing but text on their phones or stay in the managers office are praised for doing such a great job. While I worked there the employees had a nickname for the place Slaveway because that's what it is.

They promote young kids with little to no work experience before they promote older seasoned workers that have been there for many years. I was lied to my face over and over by the Assistant Manager so many times if Pinocchio was real her nose would have started to grow. If you have any physical ailments they use it against you, even if you have never let that stop you. A former coworker of mine was called crazy by the assistant manager because she called over the intercom several times for a manager override and when the manager finally came out of the office to help she told my coworker quit paging me over the intercom have you taken your pills today because the way you are acting must mean you are crazy.

They put you down, never have enough staff and customers get irritated. Take my word for it, Safeway sucks and it was a waste of time ever working there.

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