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I am a vendor to Safeway and I absolutely hate delivering to their stores. They treat all the vendors like ***.

They have a million rules for everything, their very demanding, they don't care about quality (they would rather see the shelves stuffed full of old product than the proper amount of fresh product). They often write "local" on products that are from very far away.

They also write "organic" on things that are not organic. Safeway was just fined $250,000 because of this.

They are a rotten company that will try and sell you *** products while telling you they are good for you.

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I agree that Safeway is very deceptive in their marketing. Go in to any Safeway produce dept and you will find prices placed above or under produce that do not apply to the produce directly in line with the price card.

Most shoppers are in a time crunch these days and just assume they are being told the truth. They never catch it at the check out because they are too busy unloading their own grocery carts to watch the scanner prices.

Safeway is very good at tricking consumers in to paying more than they thought they were paying for produce items. That's why they make billions in revenue every year.

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